Reflections – Right now, it’s like this

Reflections for the Week: Right now, it’s like this

It’s in our nature to push pain away.

We don’t want it.

We don’t want to feel it.

So we resist it.

But the more we resist, the more it seems to hurt. This is what’s known as secondary suffering. We experience pain, but in our efforts to forget it, or numb it out, we make matters worse.

Instead, we’re encouraged to remember:

Right now, it’s like this.

Vinny Ferraro is a meditation teacher who explored this saying given by his teacher Ajahn Sumedho. It’s based on the concept that a lot of our suffering is the attempt to suppress or deny the true nature of things. When something hurts we try to push the pain away. But actually all we do is push the pain deep inside. Eventually it has to come out.

Handling the moment

Spend a few moments sitting where you are. No matter what’s happening for you right now, bring your awareness to the breath and how it’s flowing in and out of your body. Keep your attention focused on how the breath moves in and out. And when thoughts or feelings come up which take your attention away, say the phrase “Right now, it’s like this” and return to your breath.

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