February Relaxation Classes using Mindfulness Biggleswade and MK

Kindfully announces Relaxation through Mindfulness Meditation, classes starting February.  Cost £35 per person for all four classes.  These classes are exclusively for women.  No previous experience of mindfulness or meditation necessary.

What is Mindfulness? Read more…

Relaxation through Mindfulness – MILTON KEYNES – Ladies Only

Relaxation through Mindfulness – BIGGLESWADE – Ladies Only

If you’re a busy woman and want to learn more about Mindfulness as a strategy for managing stress and sleeping well, these classes are worth a look.

Mindfulness has been scientifcally proven to help manage mood, improve sleep and boost our resilience. This four week class covers the basics of how to be mindful in every day life, without having to sit cross legged on the floor.

What people say about these classes:

“This came at just the right time for me. Thank you.”

“An amazing Mindfulness Session. Delphi knows her stuff!”

“Delphi, A HUGE THANK YOU. I really have learned so much and enjoyed every week.”

Can’t make these?  You might like Serenity at Home™

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