Relaxation Classes, Biggleswade, January 2018 (Ladies Only)

Relaxation through Mindfulness, BIGGLESWADE – January 2018 (4 weeks, Saturday mornings) – Ladies Only

Learn Mindfulness as a strategy to help you manage stress and sleep better.  Classes are an hour, starting Saturday 6th January 2018, at 10am in the Town Centre, Biggleswade.

Please note, these classes are exclusively for ladies.

What will I get?

Each week you’ll receive top tips, the opportunity to practice and relevant information. You will also receive exclusive access to the Kindfully Learning Gateway, and course resources online for a limited period.

Cost: £10 per person, per week – total price £40.  Receive a £5 discount when you book all four classes using the ticket button below.

Eventbrite - Relaxation through Mindfulness Classes BIGGLESWADE (Ladies Only)

What people say about these classes:

“This came at just the right time for me.  Thank you.”

“An amazing Mindfulness Session.  Delphi knows her stuff!”

“Delphi, A HUGE THANK YOU. I really have learned so much and enjoyed every week.”

Why is this a ladies only event?

These classes are exclusively for women, because we talk about all sorts of things, related to womankind. So to create a safe space where people feel able to talk freely, these events are for women only.

Will there be other classes in other areas?

Yes, classes will be running in Bedford and Milton Keynes throughout the year.

If you’d like to keep up to date, sign up to weekly ‘Reflections’.  You’ll receive top tips on Mindfulness along with exclusive access to the Members Area, and a ‘Relaxation for Busy People’ eGuide.  You might also like Serenity, a monthly evening gathering, exclusively for women.  Click here for details (via the Helping You Sparkle™ website).

Delphi is a qualified Therapist and Mindfulness Practitioner.  To learn more about her, click here.

Copyright Delphi Ellis

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