The face behind Kindfully

Delphi Ellis, Therapist and Mindfulness Practitioner

I am  a qualified therapist and trainer promoting positive mental health, teaching strategies to busy people for effective rest and relaxation.  I am a Mindfulness Practitioner, trained from the texts of the Pāli Canon.  This means the Mindfulness based services I offer are authentic, based on the original teachings of the Buddha, and I practice what I teach. 

I started my helping career supporting the bereaved in 2002.  I specifically worked with those bereaved by murder and suicide, supporting them at inquests in coroner’s court.  

Delphi offers 1-1 sessions in Milton Keynes

I now offer private therapy and teaching services through Kindfully and the Helping You Sparkle™ website, encouraging positive mental health and wellbeing.  I offer talks and workshops nationally on a variety of topics, including Mindfulness, and Healthy Sleep. 

Delphi holds talks and workshops nationally

Most of my work has involved working with and supporting women.  This is one of the reasons Kindfully is aimed at helping women, especially those who struggle with finding time for themselves. I am a Women’s Advocate and Health Practitioner raising awareness of factors which premdoninatiy affect women’s mental health, like domestic abuse and pregnancy. In 2004, I established a unique website dedicated to pregnancy mental health and supporting women experiencing ante-natal depression. You can read more about this here. 

I spent many years appearing on television and radio talking about another of my specialist areas, dreams and sleep. You can read more about my TV and Media career here or visit my dedicated dreams and sleep resource here

© Copyright Delphi Ellis 2017

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